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Diner Bar Stools, Vermont

In planning my trip to Vermont, I am using the fall foliage forecaster (which shows an animation of the changing colors), brochures from the state tourism bureau, and Appalachian Trail maps.

Link to the forecaster

What I like about Vermont is that it is a mountainous and narrow state which allows a lot of flexibility in “chasing the colors.”  I can travel north or south to get different mixes of color, and I can ascend or descend in altitude to do the same.  Anyway– that’s what I am hoping for.

Here is one super-helpful brochure I got, which shows the most scenic and interesting highways and byways to explore in the process. Get your free from Vermont Vacations here.

I also bought some maps of the Appalachian Trail where it crosses through Vermont, and I mapped out all the points where there is highway access, so I hope to do some hiking on the AT and get some photos there as well.  Here is an example:


A nice app that I used in Vermont and also on the Camino de Santiago is called ViewRanger. Here is how the screen looks, as I tested it out on a local walk.

More to follow –

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