Specialties – Do they Exist?

All of the photography I enjoy seems to falls under the heading of Travel Photography. I might take people pictures as I’m strolling along a boulevard (that’s called Street Photography), or often right from my hotel window. Question: Isn’t Landscape Photography simply Travel Photography where you point your camera at a horizon? And whether I’m eating at a roadside diner or having a meal at an elegant restaurant, if the lighting is right, I’m snapping my first bite (Food Photography).

Also while traveling, I find taking shots of flea market knick-knacks and folk crafts as interesting as capturing museum artifacts, but calling it Photojournalism might be a bit overblown here! And what is Wildlife Photography? Your travel itinerary can take you to a local zoo, a nature preserve, or the deep wilderness, all equally challenging when it comes to getting great photos. You get the idea.

So take a look at my portfolio and share your comments. I’m interested to get your take on this concept of everything being some form of Travel Photography. And feel free to ask questions about the individual photos.

In the Rain

Street Photography

Burger and Fries

Kiosk & Cuisine

Metal Mask

Art & Artifacts


Zoos and Parks

Ginter Lights, VA

Night Photography

Blue Heron


Portfolio – What is Missing?

Can you guess what is missing from my work? Studio Photography. Although I do have a studio and indoor lighting set up, I only use this for practical purposes when I’m writing articles about products or when I’m working on a How-To book. So you won’t see any Studio Photography in my portfolio. I do admire photographers who do commercial food photography or product work, and I am impressed by creative photographers who work with models on elaborate fashion shoots. I’ve learned a lot from classes I’ve taken in these areas in terms of lighting and posing people, so you might see some of that influence here. But Studio Photography does not fall under the category of Travel Photography, so I’m leaving it out of my portfolio.

Ready To Start

Check out my portfolio page and then read some of my blog posts. I would really appreciate your comments.

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